About Us

Hampden Hi-Fi is all about community, music, and having fun!

Hampden Hi-Fi is a free concert series held every Friday evening, 6pm to 9pm, from June 8th through July 27th at Roosevelt Park (the corner of Falls Road and 36th Street–also known as “The Avenue”–in Hampden).

The series features local musicians of various music genres, local food from area restaurants, a beer garden, and a snowball stand for the kids. Proceeds benefit local organizations within the community.

Hampden is an older working-class neighborhood with plenty of art, shops, and great restaurants.  We encourage you to really make a night out of your visit to Hampden Hi-Fi, and plan to spend some time at some of the local establishments while appreciating some of the local culture!

Hampden Hi-Fi was created by the Roosevelt Park Recreation Council and the Hampden Community Council as a cool way to bring the neighborhood to the park, the park to the neighborhood, and invite others to join in the fun.   Proceeds from the event benefit organizations in the community, including programs and activities at the Roosevelt Park & Recreation Center.

For more information about Hampden Hi-Fi, please contact us at hampdenhifi@gmail.com

Please note:  We get a bajillion band requests.  If you are interested in playing at a future series, you MUST provide us with a sample of your sound (electronically), information about your band, your contact information, and tell us what you could bring to the party.  If we are interested, we’ll give you a call.